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The Ability Experience offers several grant opportunities for the disability community through a number of programs. Please read through the descriptions below to see if you may qualify for funding in a particular area. To download a grant application or learn more, click on the appropriate grant title. 

Cycling Events Grant

The Ability Experience offers grants of varied amounts for organizations working specifically with Gear Up Florida or Journey of Hope. To qualify for this grant, you must be part of an organization that hosts one of The Ability Experience's cycling teams during the summer. Click the heading above to contact the directors of logistics in order to find out how you can get involved with one of the cycling events. 
Deadline: April 1

Construction Projects Grant

The Ability Experience offers a $5,000 grant to camps or facilities hosting Ability Weekends or Ability Camps.
Deadline: December 1 (spring events) and June 1 (fall events) 

Build America Construction Grant

The Ability Experience offers a $5,000 grant to camps or facilities hosting Build America.
Deadline: December 1

Summer Fellowship

The Ability Experience offers a $1,000 stipend to members of Pi Kappa Phi working at a camp supporting people with disabilities.
Deadline: Individual must contact The Ability Experience before April 30

Circle of Giving Grant

These grants are used for local organizations with a volunteer relationship with chapters of Pi Kappa Phi on a local level. Circle of Giving grants amount to 25% of a chapter’s fundraising total. There is no application associated with this particular grant as it is coordinated with the local chapters.